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Class 1 Inc. started in 1995 with one employee, Barry Hunt, selling medical gas equipment from a home office. Our goal then was simple: help local hospitals who were struggling to upgrade their medical gas pipeline infrastructure.

Our goal today is to continue expanding in medical gas and to now lead change in other areas of healthcare including infection control and environmental services. 

We continue to combine cutting edge technology, quality, and standards with a culture of caring. We are very excited by the response from the healthcare community to this approach and to the progress we have made in the hospital world over the last 20 years. 

Today, Class 1 is the leader in Canada for medical gas pipeline supply, installation and service. We service and sell coast-to-coast in Canada and internationally.

Our Facility Services group provides medical gas preventive maintenance and 24/7 emergency service and offers state-of-the-art remote monitoring and control technology.

We now offer the world's most efficient on-site production of oxygen as an alternative to tanker oxygen for hospitals.

We provide the world's fastest UVC mobile room disinfection system for patient rooms and ORs as well as the world's first fixed fully automatic UVC room disinfection system for bathrooms and equipment rooms.

We have invented, and patented, the world's first commercally viable central halogenated drug recovery system to protect the ozone layer from the release of toxic gases used in ORs.

These are exciting times. We look forward to the next 20 years!


Class 1’s head office and manufacturing plant is located in Cambridge, Ontario.

The company currently has 100 employees as well as a network of OEM manufacturers, distributors, dealers, installers and service persons.

Class 1 is 100% Canadian owned and operated.

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