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Medical Gas

Class 1 supplier and manufacturer of Medical gas systems

SKU number: DISS Medical Gas Outlets
DISS Medical Gas Outlets

Class 1 DISS outlets are unique. Class 1 outlets feature the only patented cartridge-style primary check valve. Maintenance is simple and secure.

Class 1 DISS outlets feature the only unique zero-maintenance secondary check valve. No rubber bushing to dry out or crack like latch-style gas outlets.

Once the Class 1 DISS outlet is installed, the gas will likely never need to be shut down for routine outlet maintenance.

SKU number: DISS Conversion Outlets
DISS Conversion Outlets

In the Beginning...

...there were a number of competing quick-connect gas outlet designs. Over the years manufacturing processes improved, designs changed and standards evolved.​​


SKU number: Medical Gas Alarms
Medical Gas Alarms

...the only alarm that displays normal conditions

...the only alarm that has History Recall

...the only alarm that has Transient Signal alert

SKU number: Manifolds

Class 1 Digital Manifolds

Class 1 Inc. Genesys Series, fully automatic, digital manifold, factory assembled and tested, and cleaned for oxygen service.Manifold to be CSA or CUL Certified.

SKU number: Valves

Isolation Valves

Class 1 Series 8300 Isolation Valves are quarter turn on-off ball type, cleaned for oxygen service, factory pressure tested, in-line serviceable and rated for 600 PSI.

Isolation valves shall be complete with a bronze body, lever handle, chrome-plated bronze ball, teflon seals and seats, and type K copper tubing extensions complete with two brass 1/8" FNPT ports, one on each side of the valve, to facilitate installation and purging.

SKU number: Medical Vacuum Systems
Medical Vacuum Systems

Class 1 offers the highest quality Medical Vacuum Systems featuring the largest selection of high performance technologies in Canada. We match best of breed pumps to our state-of-the-art controls to design the ultimate system for your application.

We provide comprehensive, in house design, evaluation, and installation services for complete turnkey solutions coast-to-coast.

SKU number: Medical Air Systems
Medical Air Systems

Class 1 manufactures the highest quality Medical Air systems offering the largest choice of high-performance technologies in Canada. We match best-of-breed compressors, and the latest in desiccant drying and purification technology, to our state-of-the-art controls to design the ultimate system for your application.

SKU number: Miscellaneous

Class 1 supplies fully certified gas control devices, valves and conversion kits...


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