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Medical Air Systems

Class 1 manufactures the highest quality Medical Air systems offering the largest choice of high-performance technologies in Canada. We match best-of-breed compressors, and the latest in desiccant drying and purification technology, to our state-of-the-art controls to design the ultimate system for your application.

We provide comprehensive, in house design, evaluation, and installation services for the best in complete turnkey solutions coast-to-coast.

State-of-the-art components guarantee reliability and exceptionally long life with very low maintenance.

Class 1 controls are precise, informative, easy to set and feature 8" high-resolution full-colour touchscreen displays providing the best information and control system available anywhere.

Performance. Reliability. Safety. No other systems come close.

For the ultimate in Medical Air Systems, contact Class 1 today.

  Class 1 Oilless Compressors
  • All digital controls
  • Quincy & Powerex 2-stage compressor pumps
  • Powder-coated stackable modules, skid-mount, or receiver mount

Class 1 Desiccant Dryers

  • All digital controls
  • Fully duplexed
  • 40 deg. C dewpoint guaranteed
  • Purge economizer
Class 1 Integrated Systems
  • True single-point connection
Class 1 Medical Air Accessories
  • Reserve Air Manifold Check Assembly
  • Digital Dewpoint Monitor
  • Digital CO Monitor
  • Dual Supply Assembly

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