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Water Disinfection through 03:

Smartflo sink

The world's first self-disinfecting sink. The SmartFLO₃ sink uses ozonated water to eliminate bacteria both on hands and on the sink itself. Ozonated water has been shown to be more effective than soap and water for bacterial removal from hands. The new sink also provides a source of ozonated water for general cleaning and sanitizing. Convenient and twice as powerful as bleach.

The SmartFLO₃ sink is programmed to disinfect itself automatically, every hour, eliminating CPOs (Carbapanem-producing organisms, like Klebs pneumonia and E. Coli) and preventing biofilm formation in the trap to prevent CPO outbreaks in your healthcare facility. 

PDF icon Click Here to see the Recent Evaluation of the SmartFLO₃ Sink

PDF icon  Sink Brochure

PDF icon  Sink in ACTION!

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