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Concealed Service Console

Class 1 NeoAngle Concealed Service Consoles, complete with provision for four medical gases, six communications and e communications and electrical devices, and capable of containing standard oxygen and suction devices in the closed position. Console to include mounting Class /file_uploads/consoles_1.jpgplate suitable for owner-supplied decorative art.

Rough-In Box:
Rigid seamless backbox of .060” steel, complete with decorative, gloss white baked enamel with hammer finish. Backbox to include two side mount plaster flanges, top-mount gas outlet provision and conduit knockouts, and two vertical NeoAngle raceways suitable for mounting electrical and low voltage devices.

Finish Assembly:
Two recessed, concealed, full-length, heavy-duty, bearing type glides with an open travel of 30”allowing complete access to the console in the fully open position. Glides my be mounted for either left or right opening. White enamel steel mounting plate suitable for mounting owner supplied framed art. Outside frame dimensions to be minimum 26”H x 32”W.

Medical Gas Outlets:
Top-mounted, Class 1, factory cleaned and tested, gas specific, non-interchangeable, M57 series DISS medical gas terminal units. Medical gas outlets to be serviceable without removal of the nameplate or gas specific components, and to be complete with CSA Z305.5 Certification and CRN Registration. Oxygen and suction devices to connect to the gas outlets with DISS adaptor assemblies provided by Class 1. Adaptor assemblies to allow oxygen and suction devices to swivel on the top-mounted DISS gas outlets.

Electrical Wiring: 
All 120V electrical devices to be site- wired. Provision for line voltage devices to include barriered raceways, device mounts as required.

Low Voltage:
All low-voltage devices to be site-wired. Provision for low voltage devices, including Nurse Call, Code Blue, monitors, telephone, data, and cable to include barriered raceways, knockouts and device mounts as required.

Concealed Service Console - Cut Sheets

PDF icon Concealed Service Console

Concealed Service Consoles

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