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DISS Conversion Outlets

In the beginning...

...there were a number of competing quick-connect gas outlet designs. Over the years
manufacturing processes improved, designs changed, and standards evolved


...virtually every hospital in Canada installs DISS. Most older quick-connects are now obsolete. Parts
are no longer available.

But there is a solution.

Class 1 offers a DISS conversion kit for virtually every outlet that has ever been built!

No pipes to braze. No walls to patch. Upgrading is clean, fast and effective.

In fact, you won’t be able to tell the conversion outlet from a new outlet. All original components are replaced, right back to the copper pipe and brass block. Once installed, the gas outlet is completely restored to new condition.

And of course, just like our standard outlets, our conversions also feature the same patented
cartridge-style primary check valve and zero-maintenance secondary check valve.

Class 1 conversions.  There's nothing else like it.


Standard Conversions Oxygen Vacuum Nitrous Oxide Medical Air Nitrogen
Melco Foregger  M3124A M3122  M3104  M3116  M3112
Ohmeda Diamond I  M4024A  M4022  M4004  M4016  
Ohmeda Diamond II / III  M4124A  M4122  M4104  M4116  
Ohmeda Series 40  M4224A  M4222  M4204  M4216  
Oxequip / Medstar  M3724A  M3722   M3704    M3416   M3712
Puritan 1/4 NPT  M3424A   M3422   M3404  M3416  
Puritan Series 73  M3324A  M3322  M3304  M2216  
Puritan Series A  M3524A  M3522  M3504  M3516  
Puritan Series B / Amico  M4624A  M4622  M4604  M4616  
Schrader 1/4 NPT  M4324A  M4322  M4304  M4316  
Schrader 5/8-24  M4424A  M4422  M4404  M4416


*Custom conversions are available upon request including Carbon Dioxide, console style, ceiling column style, etc. Please contact Class 1 for details. Minimum order applies.
Note: Trim plates are ordered separately.

We are in the process of updating our product manuals

If you require an updated manual, please contact

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