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August 22, 2017
Show me the evidence! Investing in room-decontamination systems requires all due diligence.

show me the evidenceOnly a few years ago, no one ever heard of automated room disinfection. In a short time, room-disinfection systems have proved to be so efficient in thwarting hospital-acquired infection (HAI) that now the problem is not to figure out whether you need it but how to choose the right system for your medical facility.

The antimicrobial connection

Room disinfection plays an important role in antimicrobial resistance, too. Obviously, the less infection present, the less need for use of antibiotics. The less antibiotics used, the fewer opportunities for antimicrobial resistance to emerge.

Maryalice StClair, Vice President, Business Development, Halosil International, Inc., noted, “The vast majority of HAIs are related to antibacterial-resistant pathogens, and most deaths related to antibiotic resistance happen in healthcare settings. While the rise in bacterial resistance is largely driven by overuse of antibiotics, disinfection also plays a role. Methods that have subpar efficacy risk the formation of resistant bacteria.”

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