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SchoolMate I & SchoolMate II

Class 1 Inc. is pleased to introduce SchoolMate I and SchoolMate II

Class 1 SchoolMate Flatwall headwall, complete with access panels for lightSchoolMate Flatwell &/file_uploads/schoolmates_2.jpg
switches, electrical receptacles, and other devices as specified on the detail drawings.

Heavy gauge 6063-T5 extruded aluminum alloy frame complete with clear satin anodized finish.  Minimum 16 gauge steel backing plate, suitable for mounting. Components assembled into a single, rigid wall mount structure by means of machine screws.  All reinforcing and fastening devices to be concealed.

Electrical Compartment(s): 
Satin-coat steel barriers in backbox to separate electrical services, communications devices and add-on accessories where required. Easy access finish fascia to include die-cut knockouts as required to mount to all devices indicated on the drawings.  Blank fascia knockouts to include an aluminum coverplate.

Decorative Access Panels: 
Quick access panels requiring no special tools for removal.  12 mm laminate panels complete with hight density flame retardant particle board core, laminate backing and finished surface of high impact, stain and chemical resistant, high pressure plastic laminate selected from manufacturer's standard or custom colour and texture range. 

Electrical Wiring:
All 120V electrical devices to be provided by others and installed and wired on site in the empty conduit provided to a terminal compartment located in the top of the headwall.  Compartment to be complete with satin-coat steel barriers to separate electrical services.

Low Voltage Wiring:
Provision for low voltage devices, including telephone, mounted light call indicator thermostat, P.A. Speaker, and cable to include empty conduit between terminal compartment and device location.

Optional Accessories:
P.A. Speaker Grille, telephone, mounted light call indicator, thermostat, Clock (digital or analog).

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