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February 27, 2018
Re-Thinking HAI Prevention

Clean looking hospital surfaces typically measure 100 CFU/cm2 or more of bacterial contamination. At this level, there is a 40% chance bacteria will be transferred to hands or clothing with every touch and clinical staff touch an average of 15 objects with each patient visit. At 5 patient visits per hour, it’s no wonder 80% of disease transmission in hospital is by touch. The patient’s biome is in equilibrium with the room biome which is constantly being seeded by staff, visitors and other patients. Knowing this, we continue to disinfect the patient room just once a day as we have since the 1800s. But does this make sense? Our hands are in equilibrium with the environment. We wouldn’t wash our hands once a day, why would we only disinfect the room once a day? New technology such as smart, automated, built-in UV systems can safely disinfect a room 10, 20, 30 times or more a day. Copper coated high-touch surfaces can virtually ‘melt the snowflakes’ on contact maintaining a level of 1 – 2 CFU/cm2. At that level, the risk of bacterial transfer drops from 40% to 1/1,000,000. These are some of the concepts behind Engineered Infection Prevention, named a 2017 Top 10 World Patient Safety Innovation by the Patient Safety Movement.

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HAI Prevention

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